Ron Lansdale

Ron Lansdale

Owner & Founder

My name is Ron, owner and founder of the company.

I started mycollectableshop as I have a passion for all collectables. In my collection I have my first ever Timex watch given to me by my parents when aged six years old. I still have it in working order over fifty years later. mycollectableshop define collectables as anything people collect. A collection can be a handful of items or hundreds, a few pence to hundreds of pounds, that’s a collector.

mycollectableshop are constantly buying and selling so keep a look out on our website regularly and visit our EBAY SHOP too by following the BANNER on our home page to find hundreds more collectable items.

YOU CAN BROWSE SAFELY AND SECURELY AS mycollectableshop DOES NOT TRACK YOU. Whatever your budget, you too can buy a special priceless memory for yourself or someone special you care about. Have a look through the shop and see for yourself, there are lots of great collectables waiting for a new home and someone to take them on their next story. Whether it is a watch, train, car, soft toy or game, whatever your budget, it’s a priceless memory.

We are also recycle friendly and re utilise all packaging wherever possible. Thank you for shopping with us. Take care. Visit us again soon. Bye for now.