MEMOSAIL VIP Vintage 1970’s Regatta Yacht Sailing Watch


Rare and Exciting Vintage Regatta Sailing Yacht Chronograph… priced accordingly at a sensible low price

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MEMOSAIL VIP Vintage 1970’s Regatta Yacht Sailing Watch

For sale is a vintage VIP Memosail Regatta Yacht Timer Sailing Chronograph with 10 minute countdown. The watch is in working mechanical condition.
The case is measured at 43mm in diameter without crown. The movement appears to keep time and countdown function works perfectly.

The bracelet is solid and has a few scratches as can clearly be seen on the photographs. The dial has signs of aging. The watch has signs of wear and use.

Manual wound Valjoux 7737 movement.
Case size: 38,0 x 42,1 mm / H 14,0 mm.

Complete with a non standard Leather Watch box.


A Bit of History.

The first versions (around 1972) of the Memosail Regatta watch were housed in chrome plated brass round case, later versions from 1975 are an almost square case. Initially made of chrome plated brass. Later models, as this one, made of stainless steel. All have a stainless steel case back. This material is strong and resistant to corrosive human sweat.

The Memosail has two pushers for the countdown function. One pusher at 2 o’clock for start/stop, and one pusher at 4 o’clock for reset.

Indicator disk divided in 15 segments for 15 minutes, of which 5 segments are shown to follow the countdown.
After a reset it shows 10-9-8-7-6 in black figures on a yellow background. When the chrono is started, the countdown starts. The orange sweep hand counts the seconds backwards from 60 to zero and after 30 seconds the indicator moves half a minute, and again after 60 seconds, now showing 9-8-7-6-5. So, after the first 5 minutes of the countdown the disk is showing 5-4-3-2-1 in white figures on a red background. The process repeats and after another 5 minutes it reads START in green capitals on a white base.

The later models completely made of stainless steel saying ‘all stainless steel’ on the case back. They were available with either a nylon strap or a steel bracelet, engraved with ‘MEMOSAIL’ and the logo. This has the steel bracelet.

During the mid 1970’s the Memosail regatta watch sold as ‘V.I.P Memosail’ The addition of the name V.I.P is put on the dial and on the case back ( ‘chrono V.I.P’ instead of just ‘chrono’). This watch is the V.I.P. The movements are identical.

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